CardConnect™ Announces Launch of CoPilot

Michael S.


Payment processor develops comprehensive business management tool for agents and independent sales organizations (ISOs)

PHILADELPHIA (June 10, 2013) CardConnect™, a fast-growing payment processing company that helps more than 50,000 U.S. businesses accept billions of dollars in transactions each year, today launched CoPilot, a business management tool for independent sales organizations (ISOs) and agents.

“CoPilot brings every aspect of running a successful, growing ISO to each agent’s fingertips,” said Angelo Grecco, Senior Vice President, ISO Sales at CardConnect. “It can be accessed virtually from any device – desktop or mobile – and provides one place to track everything in your portfolio, from merchant application processing to risk monitoring, reporting and customer service.”

CoPilot offers the following features:

  1. Online Application with Digital Signature – New merchant applications can be filled out, submitted and signed online.  Merchant processing applications are available for all First Data platforms, including Omaha, Nashville, Cardnet, Memphis and North.
  2. Interactive Reporting Module – Our reporting system allows ISOs to monitor their sales office’s production through various performance metrics as well as view consolidated settlements, deposits and statements for their entire merchant portfolio, regardless of the First Data platform used.
  3. Transparent and Customizable Residual Reporting System – Often a complicated and tiresome process, Residual Reporting through CoPilot provides ISOs an easily digestible look at their – and their agents’ – monthly residuals.
  4. User-Administration Dashboard to Control Employees’ Access – CoPilot allows ISOs to control which modules their employees can access, ensuring complete privacy and organization of merchant sales teams.
  5. CardConnect CRM – Targets and leads can be tracked before agents even start a merchant application.  Once a merchant application is submitted, agents can then track as it flows through the approval process.
  6. Risk Monitoring – Agents can view chargebacks, losses and ACH-transfer rejections in real-time.
  7. Real-Time Authorization Data from CardConnect Gateway – Access authorization data flowing through the CardConnect Gateway for real-time transactional information.
  8. Customer Service Ticketing Center – Through an automated ticketing center, agents can handle merchants’ requests on the spot and reduce the time it takes to resolve issues.
  9. Ability to Private Label CoPilot for Registered ISOs – CoPilot can be branded to any ISO’s name, colors and graphics.  The CardConnect Brand Center allows ISOs and agents to access logos, templates, customizable sales sheets and brand guidelines online.

About CardConnect

CardConnect ( is a full-service provider of electronic payment technology and processing services for merchants, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and financial institutions.  It helps more than 50,000 businesses across the U.S. accept billions of dollars in bank card transactions each year.  CardConnect offers a comprehensive line of solutions for credit and debit cards, gift cards, electronic check conversion, verification and guarantee, as well as terminal services, online Payment Gateway Solutions, ERP Integration and PCI Compliance.  Founded in 2006, CardConnect is one of the 10 largest independent sales organizations (ISOs) of First Data Merchant Services, the world’s largest electronic payment processor.